Flake Epoxy Flooring

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Flake Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring development system continues to develop further in the production of quality and attractive products with special features and aesthetic appeal to potential clients. Epoxy floors are currently proven to be the best in a wide variety of commercial use in an industry setting, institutions, residential among different fields. They are preferred because of their durability, resistance to scratches, easy to clean surface and it is seamless.

Epoxy flooring system outgrows the traditional tilling and panel floor system because of so many factors. Since tilling or panel flooring is impossible to be cleaned effectively due to tiny crevices in which microbial and debris love to gather, and also it is prone to easy damage through cracking, people preferred to make a move to the epoxy flooring option.

Epoxy flooring is an ideal way of floor coating as opposed to other options since it is a seamless and even floor with a monolithic layer that limits the chances of wear and tear with time and thus proofing its capability to serve you for decades. A well-installed epoxy floor on an uneven concrete floor can accommodate and correct the sloping and thus help protect the integrity of the slab and impart additional strength.

It is true to say that epoxy is the best choice nowadays, but the most common misperception is that the epoxy flooring system has a limited aesthetic option. However, the main professional-grade line is subjected to countless application techniques and designs during its innovation in different formulations depending on the manufacturer. Now, epoxy exists in a wide variety of trending styles with some made to imitate the original products, hence the customer may buy a less durable but expensive product.

Achieving the desired look with Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy among other fluid-applied floor coating systems exists in a broad spectrum of custom and standard colors. It can be separately installed in segments of different colors to give attractive functional patterns. Epoxy is the most used medium in designing graphics directly into the floor and installation of company logos or texts among other graphical art.
The flakes flooring.

New trending flakes can be used to achieve a decorative floor appearance of the desired variety in an epoxy flooring system. It involves the use of multicolored flakes that are incorporated into a resin system while in its liquid form. It is the current form of creating an aesthetic even floor with no repetitive patterns as opposed to those of tiles and linoleum floors. Flakes are made of natural mica minerals or synthetic and are available in a variety of sizes. It can exist in either a coarser or finer appearance, with a variety of colors and blend to bring the natural and organic aesthetic look. The flakes’ epoxy flooring can offer unique elegant appearances ranging from urbanely elegant to pop-culture bright.

The most special feature of a flakes flooring system is its ability to imitate the most expensive traditional type of flooring such as the mosaic-like surface of terrazzo. Epoxy mica-flake finishes bring out the elegant look of natural granite with just a fraction of installation cost and minimal maintenance.


When you opt for a professionally installed decorative flakes epoxy commercial-grade flooring system, you are assured of incredible value. Apart from just being a highly attractive option, flake epoxy flooring systems have other more advantages as opposed to their drawbacks, below is the summary of its pros. 

-Economical and 100 percent renewable.
-It is durable.
-It improves traction.
-It creates an abstract look.
-It increases safety.
-Easy to maintain and affordable
-It creates a granite look.

Other pre-engineered flooring options can be very expensive but not durable, as opposed to these aesthetic, flake, resin-coated floor systems. Epoxy flake coating ensures unbeatable abrasion and resistance to chemicals or any other form of corrosion. Moreover, it can also be custom colored to bring out your desired look. The floor maintenance is very simple since you just use soap and water for clean-up, and years down the road renewing it is very simple, you just require the application of a new topcoat to get it back to full luster. The coating is also moisture and germ-resistant. Epoxy color flake creates a very aesthetic and elegant look than any other.

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