Concrete Polish

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Concrete Polish

Concrete polishing involves the use of heavy-duty machinery, which is equipped with gritty segments to grind the floor to a certain level of desired smoothness. After that, more grinding is done using abrasive diamond embedded material until the shine level of smoothness you like is achieved. Finally, the floor is spread using certain types of mixtures that increase durability, which makes the floor more resistant to damage and dirt. The main advantage of concrete polishing is that it offers an affordable and easy way of enhancing your interior. If you hire Wichita Epoxy Flooring Contractors, you can sit down and watch the transformation. The following are the benefits of using concrete polish on your floor:

Easy to maintain

Polished concrete floors do not cause problems when exposed to grease, dirt, or oil. In case of spills, you can simply wash your floor with a good detergent. Polished concrete helps repel dust and reduces the cost associated with cleaning your home or office. To clean polished concrete, you just need a wet mop or a damp rag to wipe away debris and dirt.

Make plain surfaces attractive

concrete polish can make your concrete floor restore its original beauty. There a variety of colors you can choose from based on your preferences. You can transform plain floors and surfaces into attractive and durable one.

Protection from abrasion

Some parts of concrete floors wear out faster than others; this is because certain parts of the house may have higher traffic than others. You can sometimes use floor mats to reduce this effect, but a permanent solution is concrete polishing. When polishing, you can choose a diamond or standard solution. Concrete polish is ideal for areas with very high human traffic, such as commercial buildings.


Concrete polishing blocks the porosity of concrete. It also keeps moisture out of the floor and prevents the growth of mold, which makes the new floor appear old. For industries purposes, concrete polishing prevents tire markings such as the one caused by forklifts.


Concrete polished floors will withstand all types of weather hence suitable for both indoors and outdoors. We all know the effect of winter on floors like thawing and freezing. Without floor sealers, your floors will crack and lose their beauty. You will also need to do regular repairs after winter. Concrete polished is your ultimate winter and spring solution.

Insulation and light efficiency

Concrete polishing is good for insulating heat in rooms; this will reduce the energy costs for keeping your room warm in winter. Moreover, the floors are fire-resistant. The mirror effect of polished floors illuminates the room, which is a good way to keep off molds.

Relatively cheap

Concrete polishing uses the existing floors hence eliminates the need for putting a new floor. There is minimal removal of materials when polishing, and no harmful gas or chemicals are emitted during polishing. Polished concrete is cheap to maintain. Besides performance and durability, concrete polishing offers superior aesthetics.

Hire the best concrete polish flooring services

Wichita Epoxy Flooring provides you a hard-wearing and long-lasting protective layer to cover your concrete floor. We understand your needs and use the type of epoxy flooring, depending on the traffic and your floors. Wichita Epoxy Flooring Contractors can also add aggregates such as sand to the epoxy coating to produce a non-slip floor. At Wichita concrete polish, we have the experience, equipment, and staff needed to handle both small and large projects. We offer concrete polish and epoxy flooring services for industrial, commercial, and residential clients with specialization in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and commercial facilities. We have done many projects, so we know exactly what works and what doesn’t work.

Are you looking for an effective and efficient flooring method for your office, house, or industrial unit? Wichita Epoxy Flooring services will not only add beauty to your floor but also bring you a lot of concrete polish benefits. Call Wichita Epoxy Flooring for commercial concrete seal coating services. We are experienced at working with concrete flooring and can provide a wide range of concrete pavement services, including patching, repair, installation, replacement, seal coating, and more. Our services will benefit both you and all the people who live in our house or work at your office.

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