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Wichita Epoxy Flooring is the best epoxy company in Wichita, KS. We have years of experience and we serve every customer as if you are our only customer.

We Stand behind our work and guarantee your satisfaction. We do it all from Metallic Epoxy, Flake Epoxy, Concrete Polish and commercial Epoxy. So call us today and lets get started on your new epoxy floor.  

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    The best Epoxy Flooring Contractor in Wichita, KS.

    Our Range of Services

    Many people got to know about metallic epoxy coating when they find beautiful pictures on the website portraying unique and elegant floor coating. Most of these floor coatings are found in hotels and showrooms. Some people may be puzzled about the kind of materials they use to bring out these wonderful looks. 

    New trending flakes can be used to achieve a decorative floor appearance of the desired variety in an epoxy flooring system. It involves the use of multicolored flakes that are incorporated into a resin system while in its liquid form. It is the current form of creating an aesthetic even floor with no repetitive patterns as opposed to those of tiles and linoleum floors.

    The sheen of epoxy Countertops makes a top-of-the-line finish that can be tweaked to suit an assortment of styles and applications. Epoxy is accessible in various hues to suit any aesthetic preferences. It can even be made to look like marble. Since there are such a large number of conceivable outcomes, epoxy is an incredible decision for people wanting to design a home or a business. 

    Concrete polishing involves the use of heavy-duty machinery, which is equipped with gritty segments to grind the floor to a certain level of desired smoothness. After that, more grinding is done using abrasive diamond embedded material until the shine level of smoothness you like is achieved. Finally, the floor is spread using certain types of mixtures that increase durability, which makes the floor more resistant to damage and dirt.

    Epoxy flooring solutions are widely utilized for commercial flooring nowadays. This type of flooring is generally applied over concrete floors for achieving high durability, excellent performance, and supreme smoothness. Commercial epoxy flooring solutions are capable of withstanding heavy loads for a long period.

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    Customer Reviews

    "Wichita Epoxy flooring did an amazing job on our garage floors. The finished product exceeded our expectations. These guys love what they do and it shows."
    Tracey S.
    "Jose and his team at Wichita Epoxy Flooring are the best in town. Very skilled and made our new shop look fantastic. We highly recommend Wichita Epoxy Flooring."
    James F.
    "All we can say is thank you Wichita Epoxy Flooring for everything. My husband wanted epoxy and at the time I didn't care what we got but now I am so glad we chose epoxy flooring and blessed with chose Wichita Epoxy Flooring for the job."

    Our Promise

    At Wichita Epoxy Flooring we guarantee your satisfaction. With our many years of experience, we understand that every customer is different which is why to us every floor is different.

    We focus on every detail of the process as if it were our own floor.  For more questions in regards to our warranty work please call our office today. 

    Wichita epoxy flooring, Wichita Epoxy Company, Commercial epoxy flooring in Wichita Kansas, Epoxy Flooring Company Near Me.
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